The mission of district facilities department is to provide maintenance, custodial and construction management services for Dallas School District.


Bob Archer
Facilities Director
Kate Hall
Bond & Facilities Secretary
Gordon Gentry
Maintenance/HVAC Specialist/Electrical/Owner's Rep
Gordon Southwick Maintenance/Plumbing/Abatement/Doors & Locks
Seth Arnesen
Maintenance & Surface Repairs
Cole Church
Gordon G.png
Gordon S.png

Building Staff

Engineer:  Gabe Hayes
Custodial Staff: 
Carolyn Cameron
Monty Weld
Chris Mann
Kameron Owens
Kyle Diehm
Engineer:  Greg Hiebert
Custodial Staff:
Tonya Wallis
Bruce McAllister
Custodial Staff:
Fernando Manzo-Morales (Days)
Justin Schafer  (Afternoons)
Engineer:  Gary Klinger
Custodial Staff:
Jake Buhler
Oakdale Heights Elementary
Engineer:  Bob Wallace
Custodial Staff:
David Collins


          The facilities department of the Dallas School District is made up of a group of highly skilled professionals. With a wide array of experience our team comes to the Dallas School District dedicated to creating an educational environment that will stand the test of time.

          Establishment of a strong preventative maintenance program and proactive planning to meet the evolving needs of the district has saved the district valuable assets. The department analyzes the current and future needs of the district to develop short and long term plans to create and maintain safe, welcoming and efficient facilities.  Sensible retention of school assets is accomplished through regular on-site inspections, proper maintenance and conscientious usage of the investments made to facilities, equipment and other resources.

          The responsibilities of each team within the department are well defined. Each works together to deliver exceptional service to meet the needs of the children, staff and stakeholders as well as the greater Dallas community. We believe in working with the highest integrity, courtesy and professionalism.  

          The Facilities Director ensures the operating budgets are carefully managed, that all district facilities remain in compliance with environmental and regulatory requirements, encourages energy-saving options for new and existing procedures and manages capital projects. Responsibilities also include identifying needs for Bond measures, reviewing contracts and proposals, procurement, and managing overall projects and contracts. Awareness to the needs of the "right quantity in the right location" is of great importance.  The Director also supports the team with strong leadership, positive communication and training. Everyone is encouraged in their respective duties because they know their ideas are valued, their experience is trusted and they are challenged daily to excel.

          The facilities budget includes funding for services and supplies necessary to support the maintenance and custodial needs as well as utility fees for all buildings and outdoor facilities which includes: district buildings totaling over 463,000 square feet, playgrounds and outdoor sports fields and facilities totally over 66 acres. In addition, the budget funds salaries for; one administrator, two district-wide maintenance specialists, one district-wide maintenance/HVAC/electrical specialist, four building engineers, 12 custodians, one groundskeeper and one clerical position.

          Overall, our entire team works together to provide exceptional service to our students, staff and community members that utilize district facilities by maintaining all buildings, grounds, landscapes and outdoor facilities to create an environment conducive to a positive learning experience.


I Think It's Awesome how the custodial staff all work together to make the schools look great. 

All 4 of my children went through the Dallas school system and I feel it an honor to help provide a quality infrastructure for the Dallas community's children to go to school in. There are many paths our children may choose in life but they all start with an education.

"I love the team I work with.  It's like a second family".

"I enjoy the ownership I'm given over my tasks.  It makes it so much easier to do my job when I know I'm trusted to do it and do it right.  I take great pride in that!"

CONTACT US 6:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.


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